affaissementCEEPCO has extensive experience in emergency management and first response. Our President worked for FEMA Headquarters in the late 1990s as a Civil Engineer and Environmental Officer for the Response and Recovery Directorate.

He has been deployed to several disaster sites to work with local communities, performed damage survey reports, damage assessments, structural assessment and evaluation of damaged facilities.

CEEPCO's rebuilding efforts are designed to address this very issue of poor planning and poorly built structures. In Haiti, our team has moved quickly and efficiently after the earthquake on January 12, 2010 to assist with the emergency disaster management, assistance and mitigation.


CEEPCO's team has demonstrated significant experience in:

  • Damage assessment and survey reports
  • Facility condition assessment
  • Structural evaluation and engineering design to current codes and standards
  • Environmental compliance with NEPA, RCRA, NHPA, CAA and CWA
  • Debris management (debris removal and demolition operations)
  • Cost estimating and equipment rates
  • Assist grantees through application process
  • Appeals review


CEEPCO's Emergency Management Credentials 
include but not limited to the following:

  • Emergency Management Institute – An Overview of NEMIS Infobook
  • Emergency Management Institute  – National Environmental Policy Act Training
  • Emergency Management Institute - Historic Preservation, Cultural Resource, and Archeology Compliance with Section 106 Training
  • Certificate of Appreciation for services rendered as a result of Pennsylvania winter storms (FEMA-l093-DR-PA)
  • FEMA Certificate of Outstanding Performance – October 1995 to June 1996
  • American Society of Civil Engineers – Seismic Loads for Buildings and Other Structures
  • American Society of Civil Engineers - Wind and Seismic Retrofits