• Government:

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      CEEPCO Contracting has worked on over 70 government contracts, here are a few:
      CEEPCO Contracting provided construction services for Alteration and Significant Repairs to USDA Bldg 062 – Agricultural Research Service in Beltsville, MD. Work included:
      a) Thorough Investigation and Analysis of Existing Conditions. b) Replace and Repair Roof, Fascia, Gutters and Downspouts. c) Structural Evaluation of Foundation System to Repair and Prevent Exterior Water Damage. d) Painting.
      e) Repair to Electrical System. f) Replace Overhead Doors.

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      The facility in Laurel, MD was built by GSA in 1997 for the Department of Health and Human Services, Food and Drug Administration, to serve the Center for Veterinary Medicine. GSA contracted with CEEPCO to provide design-build services to replace the fire alarm system control panel at the main and surrounding buildings. This project includes providing all engineering, programming, labor, material, supervision and testing to replace the existing main building fire alarm control unit in the FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine and replace the control panels in the fifteen (15) outbuildings on campus. CEEPCO conducted adequate research, site investigation and building survey, prepared accurate, updated construction contract drawings and specifications, and completed installation and construction services as well as trained the end users..

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      The E. Barrett Prettyman Federal Courthouse met the age requirement for the National Register of Historic Places in 2002. It is under federal protection in accordance with the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966. The General Services Administration retained the services of CEEPCO for design-build services to perform full A&E design and prepare the documentation required to remove the spalling concrete at the slab, joists and beams at the three bays adjacent to the Sally Port. CEEPCO provided an analysis and a complete design, including specifications and a schedule for the repair of the slab and other structural elements affected by the cracks and water infiltration and completed construction services to the full satisfaction of the US Government.

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      The Robert C. Weaver Federal Building, headquarters of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in Washington, DC, stands out as one of the most successful modern-era buildings in General Services Administration's (GSA) inventory. CEEPCO, under contract with GSA, was responsible to provide design-build services for concrete beams repair. The first floor of the existing building consists of exposed architectural cast-in-place concrete construction, which exhibits signs of deterioration including spalling and cracking at various locations. CEEPCO performed a structural investigation/survey related to the exposed concrete conditions and provided design and construction services for permanent repair and rehabilitation of the affected exterior elements. CEEPCO was later awarded another contract to provide design-build services to completely rehabilitate and renovate the entire 10th floor of the building as well as the suite of the Secretary of HUD.

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      Judiciary Square: GSA awarded a contract to CEEPCO to provide construction services for concrete, structural and waterproofing repair in the garage, brick facades and balconies of the building. CEEPCO also provided electrical, rough and finish carpentry and painting services.


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      New Executive Office Building: GSA contracted CEEPCO to provide design-build services for structural and concrete repair in the garage as well as HVAC, electrical, fire protection, plumbing, rough and finish carpentry, flooring, architectural finishes and painting services. 


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      Postal Square Facility: GSA contracted CEEPCO to provide design-build services for upgrade to 20 elevators in this facility.

    • Education:

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      CEEPCO provided HVAC, electrical, rough and finish carpentry, painting and architectural finishes at Tawes Center and also converted classrooms 218, 316 and 317 at Coppin State University in Baltimore, MD.


    • Military:

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      DC Air National Guard at Andrews AFB, MD: The DCANG contracted CEEPCO to provide design-build services to alter the Mission Operations Center, Squadron Operations Center, ARMS Office and FLT CC Office in the 201st Airlift Squadron Operations Center in Bldg 1234. The scope of work included thorough investigation, architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering and construction services.



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      Fort Detrick, MD: CEEPCO was contracted by Fort Detrick to provide demolition, moving furniture, painting and flooring services in the Commander’s suite.



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      Washington Navy Yard, MD: The Facility Engineering and Acquisition Division of the Navy Yard contracted CEEPCO to provide design-build services to rehabilitate portions of Buildings W1, W46 and W218 at the Washington Navy Yard. The scope of work included architectural and engineering design; demolition; moving and replacing modular furniture; HVAC; electrical; plumbing; concrete; rough and finish carpentry; architectural finishes; painting and other services.

      CEEPCO has also provided services at the following military installations:
      - Bolling AFB, DC
      - Henderson Hall, VA
      - Fort Meade, MD
      - Fort Myers, VA
      - Anacostia Naval Air Annex, DC
      - Armed Forces, DC

    • Healthcare:

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      Environmental Assessment for l’Hopital de l’Universite d’Etat d’Haiti: The focus of the Environmental Assessment (EA) is the reconstruction of multiple l’Hopital de l’Universite d’Etat d’Haiti (HUEH) buildings located on the hospital grounds in central Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The 700-bed facility, which treats thousands of patients a year, stands at the pinnacle of Haiti’s healthcare system and is mandated to provide the highest level of treatment and specialized care, and to resolve medical complications referred from other secondary level hospitals throughout the country. HUEH also serves as the principal teaching hospital of the State University Medical School and is Haiti’s only public sector tertiary care hospital located in the capital. The US Government has agreed to undertake the environmental analysis work, which under the existing Initial Environmental Examination requires an Environmental Assessment. Upon completion of the EA, the USG will work closely with the Agence Francaise de Developpement (AFD) to incorporate the findings of the EA into the ?design and build? phase, with the objective of minimizing the adverse environmental impacts of the project activities. The objective of the Environmental Assessment is to provide an issue-driven analysis of potential adverse environmental impacts stemming from the implementation of construction and reconstruction activities. It will be based on USAID Environmental Procedures (22 CFR 216). Findings of the EA will become the basis for the selection of a preferred alternative and will guide the environmental protection requirements to be applied by the principal contractor, subcontractors, and beneficiaries. The Environmental Assessment will evaluate the environmental impact of the proposed activities, identify 5 means to prevent negative environmental impact whenever possible, and recommend means to mitigate and monitor the environmental impacts that cannot be avoided.


    • International:

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      USAID (Design-Build 

Millet Bridge

    ): CEEPCO is presently performing on a design/build project to remove and replace the bridge over Ravine Millet between Petion-Ville and Tabarre. We are designing the: (a) architectural, geometrical and structural characteristics of the bridge and its approach roads; (b) upstream and downstream ravine channel dimensions, characteristics and all projected traffic volume and axle load characteristics; (b) pedestrian and non-motorized traffic demand; (c) the geotechnical, geological, hydrological, drainage and projected flow characteristics of the Millet Ravine; (d) construction and maintenance unit cost analysis and related budgets needed to implement and maintain the proposed new Millet Bridge; and (e) the schedule of construction implementation of the proposed new bridge, approach roads and its related ravine protection works. Upon approval of the construction documents by USAID and M-TPTC, CEEPCO will start demolition of the existing bailey bridge and construction of the new bridge.

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      USAID / CHEMONICS (HRI): Design-Build for Rehabilitation of 

Gymnasium Vincent

    . Complete design, construction, and construction management associated with the work related to the complete rehabilitation of Gymnasium Vincent. 

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      USAID (Civil Engineering Design and Environmental Assessment of 

Caracol EKAM Site

    ) – USAID intends to build permanent housing, core houses, in the Cap Haitien Development Corridor in conjunction with the development of an industrial park. CEEPCO was awarded a contract by USAID to provide engineering and environmental services. Components of the engineering services, at a minimum, include the following elements: 1) Road layout, design and construction showing the basis for roadway widths, subgrade requirements and pavement design; 2) Water system design including the well system, controls, storage, stand by power, and the distribution system including kiosk design; 3) Drainage layout and design including erosion and sediment control and all relevant calculations; 4) Sanitation solution including all relevant calculations and training and other factors necessary to ensure sustainability; 5) Solid waste solution/disposal; 6) House pad preparation solutions; and 7) Final parcel identification solutions. CEEPCO is responsible for developing the Scoping Statement for the environmental analysis and completing the draft Environmental Assessment for the permanent settlements. CEEPCO will also provide geotechnical services and furnish a report on the results of the soil analysis when it is completed.


  • Energy & Environmental:

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    The Winder Building is home for the Office of the United States Trade Representative. Completed in 1848, it is the oldest Federal office building in Washington, DC. The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) received funds through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) for the Winder Building and contracted with CEEPCO to perform an energy audit and consumption survey and develop an RFP for design-build services for high performance green building. The purpose of this project is to implement high-performance, green building measures that will substantially increase energy conservation in Winder. The major part of the project, a complete renovation of its inefficient heating, ventilation and air condition system, is targeted to begin in 2010.


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    Jackson Place, located across from the White House, forms the western border of Lafayette Square between Pennsylvania Avenue and H Street, NW in Washington, D.C.. The block is lined by several townhouses, which date back to the late 19th century. CEEPCO was contracted by the General Service Administration to provide full A&E services particularly to upgrade the existing mechanical system related to high performance green building at Jackson Place Townhouse Complex. The main aspect of this project is for CEEPCO to perform energy modeling of the proposed system with a life cycle cost analysis and provide recommendations for the new HVAC system that will provide more efficient conditioning, better flexibility, and more consistent conditioning of the space. The project also included energy consumption survey, architectural, structural and MEP engineering design.

  • Science & Technology:

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    National Institute of Science and Technology, MD:
    NIST Gaithersburg’s Building Research Facility (Bldg. 226) comprises of various office and lab spaces. CEEPCO was contracted to provide site preparation and installation of several emergency exit doors at the facility.